CNN seriously ran a 5-minute segment talking about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's hair ๐Ÿ˜†
ยท Mar 29, 2022 ยท

I don't think SNL could do it better.

These weirdos and their obsession with race.

Seriously, instead of focusing on her qualifications, intelligence, jurisprudence, and character, a major news network focused on her African hairstyle. Is that all a black woman is to you, CNN?

Speaking of women, I love the chyron that says Jackson "inspires a generation of women" โ€“ you know, just not the hundreds of millions of women who are diametrically opposed to the platform of abortion, constitutional meddling, and soft-on-pedophiles rulings that Jackson represents.

How can anyone watch this and not understand that it's straight-up propaganda?? Watch it again and look at the adjectives the "objective" reporter uses. It's like watching North Korean TV praise Kim Jong-Un as their god.

Good job, CNN. I'm sure you'll get around to 5 minutes of airtime dedicated to the best justice on the Court, Clarence Thomas!!

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