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ยท ยท Jan 12, 2023 ยท

You look like you need a laugh:

This is one of those stupid Twitter prompts that brings out the best and craziest answers.

But you already know that, so here we go:

Just the best overall answer. College stopped being relevant the moment universities got woke and greedy with hyper-credentialism. I learned more from the first 2 months on the job than I did in 4 years of expensive classes that hardly challenged me.

Wait till you guys hear about social credit!

Bruh, did you lose your fedora today or something?

I'd tell you to think about how childish that reply is, but you're apparently a preprogrammed meat machine made of mindless matter that's destined for eternal entropy in the void, so what's the point?

This dude has a whole list!

(He's pretty much out here tryin' to trigger everyone.)

Next up are the commies:

You gotta love it.

Hey, at least you have health insurance options (unlike all the commies)!

She's so close.

I'm sure she'll get there.

Oddly specific...

Here's one that probably every man, woman, and child can agree with:

This is an awfully based statement for a BLM Marxist:


I'll end with this:


Honestly, I'm surprised no one mentioned the biggest scams that everyone accepts: That men can be women, and that America is systemically racist.

But I suppose we'd have to fix the scam that is college to get people to realize that!


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