Our U.S. Labor Department wants to help “menstruators thrive at work" ... the women of America have thoughts about that
· May 30, 2024 · NottheBee.com

Yes, this is a real tweet from the Labor Department.

Implementing workplace policies that address menstruation can enable menstruating employees to continue to fully participate in and contribute to the workforce while mitigating adverse effects to their mental and physical health.

"Menstruating employees"

Women, how does it feel to be reduced to your bodily functions in the name of gender ideology?

Provide a sufficient supply of varied period products in bathrooms and ensure menstruators can access products privately.

Allow flexibility in uniforms, with options in dark colors to ensure menstruators do not need to worry that an unexpected period or heavier flow will lead to noticeable stains.

The ladies had thoughts about being reduced to "people who bleed":

And the lads chimed in with some thoughts too:

Here's the final piece of irony from the Biden administration:

Menstruation does not have to be taboo.

Neither does the word "WOMAN."

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