Trans runner Valentina Petrillo smashes 200m record, clinches 8th women's title at Italian championship
· Mar 20, 2023 ·

Watch this brave man show little Italian girls that men can beat women at anything they put their minds to – even being women!

Smash that glass ceiling, my dude! Well done!

Not bad for a man aged 50 who just "transitioned" to female in 2017.

This took place on March 12 at the Italian Indoor Master's Championship in Ancona.

Here's more from Reduxx:

Valentina Petrillo, born Fabrizio, competed in the 200m race for women aged 50 to 54. Marco Alciator, a statistician, was present at the championship to monitor Petrillo's performance and provided a report to the Italian Feminist Post on what he witnessed.

Alciator recorded that that a difference in "physicality [was] immediately noticeable," and that the female competitors were unable to hold their own against Petrillo, who effortlessly dominated the competition.

"Effortlessly dominated."

Glad to see the feminist movement has come full circle!

His wife and son must be so proud of him!

Here's a photo of Petrillo in 2020 for scale:

No advantage there at all, right? Just 40-something years of testosterone, greater bone density, stronger lung and muscle capacity, and longer legs!

Alciator notes that Petrillo would have come in 14th place in the men's 50-54 category.

The athlete who came in second, Cristina Sanulli, would have broken the record herself if not for Petrillo.

"We do not feel equal, precisely because [Petrillo's] physical structure is male," Sanulli said to Alciator. "So we are not running at par. Although the [personal] path Valentina has taken is respectable… athletically speaking it is not, and because of this we feel very discriminated against."

When people cheered for Sanulli instead of Petrillo, Petrillo apparently got angry.

At the end of the race, a spectator could be heard shouting, "Brava, Cristina!" a cheer that received applause from other athletes. This show of support for Sanulli enraged Petrillo, Alciator says, who then shouted several times in response: "Dedicated to all those who want to hurt me!"

So not only did this guy take the win away from actual women, he took the record away from his closest competitor and then angrily snapped at those who didn't celebrate him.

On March 16, Petrillo again lashed out in a Facebook post wherein he equated criticism of his presence in women's sports to Nazism, telling detractors they were "on the same level as Hitler," and comparing sex-based sports categories to a 1936 ban on Jewish athletes.

If you don't want men to crush women in women's sports and have access to their locker rooms, remember, you are the Nazi!


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