Congressman Swalwell went full beta male, shrieking hysterically at a staffer who suggested he didn't have to wear his mask anymore.
· · May 17, 2021 ·

Never go full beta male:

Swalwell gave his non-socially distanced defense of mask-wearing when Nick Dyer, a spokesman for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), said to him, "Biden says you can take off your mask."

It's not like the staffer said something really offensive, like, "Biden says you don't have to sleep with Chinese spies anymore" (they have that covered), he was simply making a public service announcement, informing the congressman of the latest science.

You'd think he'd appreciate that.

The Democrat marched over to Dyer and shouted at him, "You don't tell me what to f—ing do!," according to an account that Dyer gave to reporter Scott Wong of The Hill, who watched the confrontation but could not hear Swalwell's words.

Exactly. Only Eric Swalwell gets to tell you what to do:

As far as Swalwell was concerned, he was the victim of a terrorist attack:

"I just frankly had enough with these marauding goons in the Marjorie Taylor Greene crowd who go around trying to terrorize my colleagues."

I picture the halls of congress overrun with Marjorie Taylor Greene goons shouting terrorist slogans many of which bear a remarkable resemblance to the latest CDC guidance.

Swalwell later remarked with the misplaced satisfaction of the impotent:

"Not surprisingly this aide of hers got quite speechless."

Because that's what you do around crazy people.

Swalwell noted that the House physician recommends that the most thoroughly tested and vaccinated people on the planet must continue to wear masks, but in fact, a far higher medical authority is making that call:


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