Convicted child molester sets up tent across from San Fran elementary, offers “free fentanyl for new users." Police say they can't remove him. 🥴
· Oct 20, 2023 ·

This is the most San Fran story ever:

Dude is a sex offender with a loophole that allows him to be near a school and he can set up the "free fentanyl" sign because he doesn't actually have the drugs on him.

In a decent society, you'd take a man like this out behind the woodshed and put the fear of God in him, but this is a "progressive" state.

More from ABC 13:

More officers arrived, along with a homeless outreach team from Healthy Streets Operations Center. They took away bikes and other items that Moore willingly gave up, and allowed him to keep an electric bike and other personal items. As the news crew left, the team hoped Moore would willingly move on -- which would be a relief for parents at the school and those living nearby.

"I'm also concerned my wife walks our baby around by herself. I always kind of want to be there because you never know. And it just sucks to always kind of have that sense of like, extra vigilance. In a neighborhood that's supposed to be quiet and residential, right," said neighbor Jon Chintanaroad.

Supposed to be quiet and residential by whose standard, Jon? I totally get what you are saying, but you're supposed to be "tolerant," right? Imposing your standards of "quiet" and "residential" and "crime-free" is colonialist and racist, I'm told.

The same question goes to the reporter who told the man he knows his gig is wrong. By whose standard, ABC? You think criminals care about what rules the government makes up? What authority are you appealing to? Isn't it intolerant to tell this man his truth is wrong?

Moore did get a ticket Thursday for misdemeanor battery in an altercation with a parent from the school. He, in turn, filed a complaint of assault against that father.

Anyone want to take bets that the protective dad ends up going to jail?

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