Court rules USA Powerlifting must allow biological men to compete in women's division
· Mar 6, 2023 ·

Yo, where's my guy Zuby at?

We're gonna need you to break a few women's powerlifting records over here in the states to make a point.

Yup, this is a court ruling out of the once great state of Minnesota, and it's likely to be appealed by USA Powerlifting.

JayCee Cooper, a transgender athlete, won a discrimination case against USA Powerlifting this week after the federation banned her from competing in female events.

With Cooper's victory comes a mandate the federation "cease and desist from all unfair discriminatory practices" because of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The organization must revise its policy related to those issues within two weeks, meaning trans athletes will be able to compete in the women's category after previously being banned.

I'd like to point out that Fox News has completely given in to the gender cult with their use of the ultra-confusing "preferred pronoun" nonsense. We're talking about a biological man here, yet Fox chooses to call him a "her."

Just thought I'd point that out.

Anyhow, moving on.

"The harm is in making a person pretend to be something different, the implicit message being that who they are is less than," the ruling said. "That is the very essence of separation and segregation, and it is what the [Minnesota Human Rights Act] prohibits."

USA Powerlifting will consider an appeal.

"Our position has been aimed at balancing the needs of cis- and transgender women whose capacities differ significantly in purely strength sports," USA Powerlifting President Larry Maile said in a statement.

However, the court cited "increased risk of depression and suicide, lack of access to coaching and practice facilities, or other performance suppression common to transgender persons," as competitive disadvantages for transgender competitors.

Got that, people?

This is what the courts will look like if we continue to write laws justifying the insanity which is the gender movement.

You'll have biological men dominating the women's division in every major sporting event.

Heck, you might even be celebrating me next Women's History Month as I attempt to live out my dream as the Lady Vols star point guard in the Women's NCAA Tournament.

So dumb.

I seriously hope men come out in droves to break all sorts of women's records now, cuz that's really the only way to defeat this nonsense.

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