Creepy dolls keep washing up on Texas beaches and yes, they will haunt your dreams
ยท May 5, 2022 ยท

Researchers in Texas keep finding creep dolls washing up on shore.

Someone please stop this living nightmare!

If these dolls could talk I bet they have one heck of a story! Where did they come from? How long has their journey been? Where they lost or thrown away?

Mission-Aransas Reserve researchers have a collection of some of the creepiest dolls you have ever seen.


In case that didn't creep you out enough, here's a few more:

The oceans are rough out there for a little doll...

Dolls are left washed up on shore with missing limbs and hair, covered in barnacles, and stained green with algae.

Finding a washed up beady-eyed doll is creepy enough but the most troubling part is that they just won't stop showing up!

Month after month, year after year.

They've found about 30 dolls so far, but that only includes the ones from when they actually started keeping track.

Jace Tunnell is one of the researchers who has had the pleasure of starting his own doll collection.

"We're actually doing scientific work, but the dolls are a perk," said Tunnell.

"Every day is something new," Tunnell said. "Just when you think you've found everything that could possibly wash up on shore, something else comes up... The creepiest are the ones that have lost all their hair."

Mission-Aransas Reserve has been posting their lucky (or possibly unlucky since there is a good chance that this is a bad omen in some cultures) finds on their Facebook page. Sharing the fun with others!

On a recent post, one user commented "And this one looks happy to be found! .... not like some of the others!๐Ÿ˜ตโ€๐Ÿ’ซ"

"Always creeps me least this one has a body," a commenter said about a recent discovery, posted April 22.

Tunnell's first find was actually just the head of a sex doll, which he didn't realize until he posted it online and the internet took it from there... Tunnell says they gained a lot of followers after that.

Someone ended up purchasing that doll head for $35 and the money was given to a sea turtle rescue program.

I guess that's a nice thing to do...

The research team has been tossing all their finds into a bucket that will be sold at a yearly fundraising auction.

People can, of course, just donate some money for the good cause. But if someone really just wants a bucket of creepy, deformed dolls, then okay... whatever floats your boat.

And according to Tunnell, the dolls "could definitely be haunted."

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