Crime in New Orleans is so bad that the police department is deputizing random civilians off the street and lowering standards to be an officer
· Sep 28, 2022 ·

If there is one significant mark against the Biden administration, besides the economy, I think it should be in the current crime wave we are seeing all across the country.

Lawlessness is a tell-tale sign of societal collapse and we have entered an era of lawlessness we haven't seen in our nation for decades.

For example:

New Orleans is recruiting police officers off the streets.

There are more rapes in New Orleans than the police can respond to.

Let that sink in for a moment.

From the Fox story:

Attorney Laura Rodrigue, who is working to oust New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, joined "Fox & Friends First" Tuesday to discuss why the new policy is so alarming and what it means for the community.

"Resorting to hiring civilians to respond to crime scenes is alarming to the residents and should be alarming throughout the country," Rodrigue told co-host Todd Piro. "They came out and said that civilians will be responding to non-emergency calls that come in through 911."

"The problem with that is within the last year, NOPD received over 100 calls for first-degree rape, first-degree rape being the most serious rape in Louisiana, carrying a mandatory life sentence, and they classified those as non-emergency," she continued. "So that should be alarming to people to think that a case or a call that comes in for something serious could be classified as non-emergency."

Crime in New Orleans is so bad that rape is considered a "non-emergency" call that some new recruit right off the street would be dealing with?

By the way, this is exactly what "defund the police" gets you. They explicitly want non-police civilians to respond to "non-emergency" calls. That's what the defund advocates say they want.

And it's all around danger for everyone involved.

The department, which lost 150 officers last year alone, is expected to hire civilians to fill administrative roles, alongside several dozen others who will be responding to "non-emergency" 911 calls.

Some will even act as trained detectives to allow for more officers to patrol the city streets.

The NOPD is also even scaling back its requirements to join the civilian program, overlooking low credit scores and prior marijuana use.

...Seriously? This is where our major cities are heading.

We are in deep, deep trouble.

"As a former prosecutor, I can tell you I would not want a civilian deciding whether or not the collection of evidence required a warrant or whether or not they had permission to take certain evidence or how to collect it to protect what we call the chain of custody in the preservation of evidence, so you can present it in trial when it eventually goes to trial," Rodrigue said.

"Now we're just going to have random people off the street collecting evidence," she continued. "Who knows how they'll be trained to collect the evidence, but it's either that or we have somebody who's allowed to report to work high on drugs. This is what we've been left with."

Honestly, sometimes the police are already improperly trained in these big cities. Now that they're throwing random people into the fray on the side of law and order I can't see anything good to come of it.

Just add another city to your "do not visit" list.

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