Absolute legend of a dad shows up at a school board meeting dressed as Julius Caesar to protest a cross-dressing elementary teacher
· Mar 11, 2023 · NottheBee.com

"I am Caesar! Julius Caesar of Rome, the emperor! I am also a female! Does anybody here believe that? ... Of course not! It's ridiculous."

This lady in absolute shambles loooool:

"I'm not Caesar. I'm not a woman either. I'm here as a FATHER."

Absolute. Legend.

The Concord, New Hampshire dad, named Michael Guglielmo, performed this heroic display to protest an elementary school art teacher in his district, named Silas Allard, who comes to work dressed like a woman most days. This guy:

Although all accounts state that he identifies as "a member of the LGBT community" and comes to work dressed like a woman "most days," he is clearly very careful to keep pictures of himself dressed as a woman off the internet, as they are exceedingly hard to find. Strange, no?

So why does this dude like to dress in women's clothing to teach little children? And, also, apparently, hug them?

*Insert "It's not rocket science" meme here*

In any event, Guglielmo is fed up with Allard "facilitating gender confusion" among little kids, as he put it.

"Your duty is to act in the best interest of children. It is to teach truth, not lies. Facts, not fiction. Biology, not a social agenda." Guglielmo told the school board. "As taxpayers, we deserve to have our children taught what we pay for, and it's not a social agenda, whether it be right or left."

Ave Caesar! Morituri te salutant!

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