Dad-to-be brings Xbox, TV, and headset to hospital room for birth of his child ... bro, we need to talk
· · Apr 5, 2022 ·

Oh man, Gen Z's got a lot of work to do:

Dude brought his entire gaming console to the hospital for his girl's 21-hour labor!

Look at this dude:

Like, hun, I know you're being induced, and our child is about to be born, but I'mma be over here on my Xbox playing a little Call of Duty and Elden Ring. I'll have my headphones on, so if you need me just call me on my cell. K?

Yeah dude, this is the last thing you wanna be doing when your girl's going into labor. Sure, you could've brought a book, maybe some headphones—ever heard of a Gameboy? PSP?—but you brought a television, your Xbox, who knows how many games, and a gaming headset.

Extra lame!

I mean, don't get me wrong, Call of Duty can get pretty intense, and it helps to pass the time. But the time spent in that hospital is not for you. It's for your girl. That woman needs you. No matter how loud she yells at you. No matter how many veins are visible in her forehead. She needs you. Dude, just stand there, tell her everything is okay, tell her it's going to be over soon. But my goodness, DO NOT PLAY CALL OF DUTY WITH YOUR GAMING HEADSET ON!!!

Super bad look, bro.

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