David Hogg resigned from the "My Pillow" competitor he co-founded because he was getting behind on his homework and hobbies and stuff 🤣
· Apr 11, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Yes, it's true, his dreams of "progressive competition" putting Mike Lindell out of business will have to wait until another day.

Look, he's just got other things to do right now. He didn't have time to squeeze in being an entrepreneur which he totally could have done but for being super busy right now.

It wasn't just his homework and hobbies you see, he had family commitments, too. Everyone knows there has never been a successful business started by someone with family commitments.

Plus, he needs to take time personally. Who knew starting a business from scratch would be so difficult? Why, it's almost as if it requires hard work and personal sacrifice and maybe not everyone can do it, not even an anti-gun control activist and Harvard college student who has a lot of Twitter followers.

But he's still 100% committed to social justice and entrepreneurship and stuff.

And maybe be an astronaut and a fireman, too!

In the future, of course, once he's out of school, has no outside passions, no family, and nothing personal he wants to attend to, because that's the basic prerequisite for success in business.

Look, he gave it over two months, okay? How long is this successful business thing supposed to take, anyway? It was so interfering with like, everything, you know?

Instead of growing a business, Hogg is going to focus on what's really important to him.

Growing himself.

It's too bad, because Hogg had a lot going for him. He had the social media cred, lots of likes, and even a really cool name, "Good Pillow," which helped to convey the contrast with...

Wait, scratch that.

A Donald Trump-supporting attorney announced he trademarked Good Pillow before gun control activist David Hogg—and suggested it is "a good brand to put on pillows with a pro-gun civil rights message."

Ah well, he's probably got a term paper due anyway.


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