Decapitated body found in Alabama woods identified more than a quarter century after discovery
· May 31, 2023 ·

Here's an absolutely wild story out of the state of Alabama.

In 1997, a headless body was discovered in the woods of Marshall County, Alabama along the Little Cotaco Creek near Union Springs. The headless man appeared to have been decapitated with a saw, as well as having his hands and feet removed as well, making him impossible to identify at the time.

In addition, the man's heart and spleen were also removed with "surgical precision" according to authorities.

But now, 26 years later, the man has been identified as Jefferey Douglas Kimzy of Santa Barbara, California.

Now the question remains: How and why was a California man dismembered and dumped in the woods of Alabama?

Here are some details the Marshall County Sheriff's office posted on Facebook:

After 26 years, the deceased individual has now been identified as Jefferey Douglas Kimzy, 20, of Santa Barbara, California.Then along came improvements in DNA and Genealogical research. In November of 2019; Sheriff Sims and then Chief Investigator Keith Wilson made contact with Parabon NanoLabs, a DNA Technology company. Through a process called DNA Phenotyping, Parabon could give us some possible physical characteristics for what our subject may have looked like.

The sheriff's office has also announced that, now that they have identification, they also have persons of interest.

They are also working to identify other DNA left behind at the scene to try to connect the case with possible suspects.

This is one cold case that just got smoking hot again.

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