Unhinged Dem Rep. Jamaal Bowman screams in Rep. Thomas Massie's face, puts hands on him on House floor
· Mar 29, 2023 · NottheBee.com

An unbelievable and despicable scene played out on the House floor today.

That was Democrat Jamaal Bowman, representative from New York's 16th congressional district, acting like an unhinged carnival barker on the House floor and then screaming in the face of Republican Rep. Thomas Massie from Kentucky and putting hands on him more than once.

7 times by my count.

Bowman screamed that Republicans were "Freaking cowards, gutless!" because they will not accept a semiautomatic rifle ban.

So I looked up the gun violence statistics from Psycho Bowman's home district in New York.

162 killed and 427 injured in the past 9 years, representative Bowman? Just in your little district? Should someone be screaming in your face and putting hands on you, calling you a "gutless coward"?

Completely unacceptable behavior that he should be disciplined for. Bowman is apparently trying to be the male version of AOC and he's lucky he caught a guy as even-keeled as Massie.

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