Democrats hijacked and destroyed the gay movement

One of the most fascinating projects I worked on in political science grad school was a deep dive into the history of the gay rights movement. It's really remarkable how few people – particularly those who now spearhead, vocalize, or ally themselves to the modern LGBT political movement – actually know this history.

  • How few know that the early pioneers of the movement were utterly disinterested in any notion of "marriage equality?"
  • How few know that these gay pioneers regarded monogamy and marital domesticity as the sexual paradigm of heterosexuals, a model they rejected?
  • How few know that the modern LGBT movement was the brainchild of progressive political operatives who saw this "marginalized community" as a vehicle to ride to power?
  • How few know that the politicization of gay rights has not only warped many of the original aims of the cause, but also introduced a nefarious element – transgenderism – that actually undermines many of the basic presuppositions behind gay ideology?

All these things persistently flood into my consciousness every time I see some trending story involving the LGBTetc movement and its political/legislative demands. Take the recent vote to codify so-called "marriage equality" into federal law – a vote that included affirmative support from the entire Democrat delegation in the House along with 47 House Republicans.

First, credit where it is due. Though they have enjoyed nothing but the firmest, overwhelming support of the American media juggernaut, the political success of this progressive revolution is, admittedly, extraordinary. Just over a decade ago, President Barack Obama was reiterating his support for marriage being respected as the same institution it had been for thousands of years. Now, you can't be a member of his party in good standing if you don't reject that position as outright bigotry, and even if you're in the other party, your opposition must come with obligatory appeals to religious conscience. But even that is met with a furrowed brow from the prophets of the new spirit of the age:

That tweet from marketing research analyst Josh Jordan (Wokest NumbersMuncher) typifies the standard taunting fare traditional marriage conservatives encounter in most cultural conversations.

Obviously to a Christian, such mockery or derision may not be pleasant, but it is anything but deterring. The authority of God's word is not dependent upon public approval ratings nor is it affected by the flippant fads of pop culture.

"Becoming more and more out of touch with society every single day" is precisely what we are to anticipate as we refuse conformity to the pattern of this world. Our job isn't to scratch itching ears but to testify to a better way of living that takes captive every thought, every urge – even the romantic and sexual ones – and makes them obedient to Christ.

It's silly to expect a non-Christian to grasp all this, but the faithful understand we are failing to love our neighbor as commanded by Jesus if we do not witness to the full counsel of God's word, even if and especially when it contradicts the cultural zeitgeist.

But even outside the church, it's odd that the legislative news and popular trends that Jordan points to are celebrated as success for the gay movement.

Success for those who wanted to shape and mold gay culture into the image of hetero culture? Yes.

Success for those who wanted to co-opt the gay movement into a vote-generating machine for progressive politicians? Yes.

Success for original queer theorists who sought to subvert heteronormativity and establish an entirely new paradigm for gay identity and relationships? Not a chance.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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