Did you know apple pie is racist? Because they're now telling us apple pie is racist.
· Jun 10, 2021 · NottheBee.com

As a SJW, what do you see when you look at apple pie? Racism and genocide, of course.

Apple pie is next on the chopping block and is getting canceled after Raj Patel wrote a lengthy review in the Guardian titled, "Food injustice has deep roots: let's start with America's apple pie."

According to his Wikipedia page, Patel has been referred to as "the rock star of social justice writing."

"Rock star"

Naturally, he had to find the next thing to cancel and cry "genocide" at.

Patel discuses something called "commodity fetish" which he claims if you "Scratch the surface of a bar of chocolate, a tuna sandwich, or even a chicken nugget, you find the horrors of international trade: violence, exploitation, poverty and profit."

The same thing goes for apple pie. Patel says, "The apple pie is as American as stolen land, wealth and labor. We live its consequences today."

Patel explores the "bloody" origins of the delicious--I mean, racist pie. Examining every bit of hate the pie holds, from the apples to the sugar and even the gingham cloth it is traditionally served with.

This thorough and ground-breaking analysis was published on May 1st but has become viral in the last week with a Twitter storm of reactions, many thinking this attack on the pie must be a parody of cancel culture.

But no, real life has now become more absurd than satire.

Anyone with a mother who baked apple pie should be ashamed. Just the thought of apples on their own, according to Patel, should remind us of how apples came to the West in the 1500s with colonists and their "vast and ongoing genocide of Indigenous people."

Next time you are in the mood for a piece of warm, mouth-watering apple pie, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and maybe just a bit of cinnamon and powdered sugar sprinkled on top, oh, and a generous heap of light, heavenly, fluffy whipped cream… wait, what was I talking about?

Bye-bye, Miss American racist who baked a pie with the blood and tears of the victims of genocide.

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