Let me walk you through the CDC's LGBT tool that tells teachers to hang rainbow flags to prevent disease or something ๐Ÿค”
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Okay, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought "CDC" stood for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It looks like now though, with this groundbreaking LGBTQ inclusivity assessment tool, that the fine people over at the CDC are openly encouraging mental disease in the form of Queer Theory in our schools.

Yes, that's the CDC's Division of Adolescent and School Health giving our nation's educators advice on how to be more LGBTQIA+ inclusive (aka teach kids that being queer, trans, or a cat is totally normal) in the classroom.

Seriously, this is not a parody. It's real.

I take you to the first section of the assessment:

I'm sure you can guess how that scoring system works, but the CDC spells it out for you:

Mostly Cs is for "Commit to Changes" - (Minimally Inclusive) โ€“ You are not yet well prepared to provide inclusive and supportive environments for LGBTQ students. Commit to making changes, and you will move up the continuum in no time!

Mostly Bs is for "Beginning to Break Through" - (Moderately Inclusive) โ€“ You are working on the building blocks of inclusivity, doing some things that encourage supportive and LGBTQ inclusive environments, but you still have room to grow. Work on broadening your horizons further, address your barriers, and expand your efforts further towards being an ally.

Mostly As is for "Awesome Ally" - (Highly Inclusive) โ€“ You are doing great work. You do a lot to support LGBTQ students and work toward an inclusive environment. Keep up your good efforts, while also recognizing there is always more you can do. Like all good allies, you will want to continue exploring and learning and share your knowledge with others.

Yup, if you want to be an ally you must "do a lot to support LGBTQ students."

But how?

Let's read further, shall we?

A few highlights here:

3.1c โ€” My classroom or learning space includes visual labels (e.g., rainbow flags, pink triangles, unisex bathroom signs) marking it as a safe space for LGBTQ students.

Okay, grooming...

3.4e โ€” During sexual health education lessons, I describe anatomy and physiology separate from gender (e.g., "a body with a penis," "a body with a vagina").

More grooming...

3.4c โ€” During sexual health education lessons, I present information on all types of sex, not centering on penis/vagina penetrative sex.

Oh yeah, that's definitely grooming!

Ladies and gentlemen, our own government, via the Orwellian Center for Disease Control and Prevention, is now openly suggesting that our educators push mental disease on children in the classroom.

It's disgusting, and it will only encourage more students to hop aboard this radical Queer Theory nonsense which aims to destroy our language altogether in the name of "progress."

All because Western culture uses terms like "man" and "woman" to describe people and that's considered wrong because people are oppressed when they're labeled as such.

Complete nonsense.

Do me a favor, ask your kid's teacher how inclusive they are in the classroom.

Be serious about it. Seem interested.

You may be surprised at the answer.

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