Did you see the Empire State Building lit up to celebrate the new state religion?
· Sep 18, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Back in the day, they used to fire up the lights atop the Empire State Building in New York to honor Jesus Christ:

Now New York lights up its buildings to celebrate the new religion of the American Empire.

It honors the gods of sex:

The gods of child sacrifice:

The gods of war:

The gods of every religion except that yucky Jesus guy:

And now, as the final piece of the post-modern secular experiment that has led to the reconstruction of the old pantheons, the chief god - some might say Zeus or Odin himself - the god of Science™.

That's right: A whole theme dedicated to the updated jabbity jab that the CDC wants everyone 6 months and older to get this fall!

I'm not the only one noticing the religious theme.

And to follow that up, this evening (Sept 18), the tower will be lit to celebrate the Clinton's climate change initiative:

Which brings us to this joke:

The "anything goes" secular types thought they could live in a world without God. They tried replacing Him with pleasure, power, addiction, money, and possessions for the last 50 or so years of Western civilization, but those gods weren't big enough.

They needed something larger than their own experiences to sit atop Mount Olympus. They needed something beyond their own limits - an authority to appeal to that could satiate their seared consciences and give them the excuse to destroy the unbelievers.

In 2020, the Science™ became that king of kings and lord of lords. The Science™ is the ultimate authority in the universe, and there are throngs of priests, diviners, and alchemists ("experts") dedicated to serving their god. Get the jab, reduce the carbon (that's you), destroy the infidel.

I will say one thing, however: It's nice to see Empire finally admit what it worships!

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