Report: NGO tells illegals "to vote for President Biden when you are in the United States" ... guess who was on the board of the NGO's direct partner? ๐Ÿšจ
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Remember how the "Great Replacement" was a conspiracy theory?

Yeah, well there's nothing conspiratorial here. Just the cold hard facts that an NGO in Mexico, Resource Center Matamoras (RCM), helps fund illegal border crossings into the US to overthrow US elections.

Not a conspiracy theory. Not an overstatement. Literally in their own memos.

Welcome Migrants!

The Resource Center is a complex of 6 offices that is home to HIAS, which provides legal assistance and assistance in obtaining formal documents for job search and integration into the city of Matamoros while they wait to access the asylum process in the US. We support the legal team by all possible means, including going to the camp to deliver documentation or gather people for consultations before their hearings. Reminder to vote for President Biden when you are in the United States. We need another four years of his term to stay open.


Founder Gaby Zavala

It's the assumption that these "refugees" and illegal aliens will have no trouble getting a ballot and they all told that they need to vote for President Biden to keep the border open.

Check out the video, audio, and documents exposing this election stealing scheme.

Oh, shocker. This is a Soros-funded effort that directly partners with an organization that the now Secretary of Homeland Security used to oversee. No wonder our border is wide open when the person in charge of the border used to be in charge of sneaking people across the border through RCM.

For more evidence on the connection here between Mayorkas/HIAS and RCM, see an article from the Presbyterian Church USA here and a 2021 Facebook post from RCA here.

The NGO-to-government official pipeline is alive and well in the Biden administration. Mayorkas, according to these sources, is still meeting with the NGOs that are, essentially, smuggling people across the border.

Let's talk about how non-profit networks function for a second.

HIAS was founded in 1881 to help Jewish refugees coming out of Russia. It's a massive organization. These large NGOs are everywhere. In Christian circles, non-profit ministries like World Relief or World Vision are similar. Over a century ago, Christians in places like post-Victorian England came up with models to support missions and development projects abroad without the help of government policy (which was often at odds with the goals of Christian charity). This model of charity funding grew during the first half of the 20th century and became widespread after the UN and other post-WW2 institutions formalized them.

Local NGOs get administrative oversight, training materials, credentials, and lobbying power from larger entities like HIAS. In return, larger entities get a vast network of people who understand the situation on the ground without having to spend a ton of money to build a network of their own. The people within these networks come to know and cross-promote each other.

This is a powerful force for getting things done without direct government action while also effecting government action through lobbying power. And while it has been used to do immense good in the world, it's also being hijacked to do great evil, such as the human trafficking/voter fraud scheme being pumped into America in the name of compassion for the refugee.

You're looking for a smoking gun? We might have found it.

Anyone paying attention knows that NGOs and the feds have been teamed up to open the borders and import new Democrat voters. But this evidence is hard to ignore.

By definition, an NGO is to be detached from the interests of a particular government or a political party. If these NGOs are working to prop up one political party and the expense of another by disenchanting/replacing citizens, they are no longer NGOs but a non-militarized invasion force.

This is a good primer on Alejandro Mayorkas' border plan:

How in the world was Mayorkas ever confirmed? And how did it take Republicans years to impeach?

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