Dutch doctors can now spike grandma’s drink so she can’t change her mind about her assisted suicide.

Nov 21st

The Dutch government introduced new rules for doctors performing euthanasia. Now your death doc can legally spike your drink with sleeping pills so you can't change your mind about getting offed.

Apparently it's common enough for people who have previously said they wanted to die to change their minds at the last minute. Who knew? And sometimes they‘ll even fight back against the doctors...

you know, to save themselves from getting medically mercy-murked! 💉 💊

But an appointment with death is an appointment with death says the Dutch government. If you said you wanted to die yesterday, they're gonna make sure you keep your word today.

When it comes to assisted suicide, the Dutch government has a strict no takesies backsies policy.

The measure was introduced to protect folks like nursing home doctor Marinou Arends from murder charges. Dr. Arends was previously convicted of murder for spiking the drink of a dementia patient with sleeping pills before doing her in. She had tried to inject the drug at a previous appointment, but failed when the patient had rudely objected to being killed like a stray dog. Even though she was being restrained by a relative, grandma fought back so hard that Arends couldn't finish her off the first time.

That‘s when Arends had an idea:

💡If you tranquilize someone, they are much more cooperative about getting killed!

Originally the judge didn't see it that way, and Arends was convicted of murder. But her conviction was later overturned by the Supreme Court, and it ultimately lead to this new rule.

Jacob Kohnstamm, the chairman of a local euthanasia committee was pleased as punch about the new rule saying,

It's only two or three cases a year but this might help doctors to have less fear of a penal case.

It also might mean people who don't want to die anymore are going to be killed anyway. But who cares about the sanctity of human life? These are mostly just useless old people!

Kill ‘em in the womb. Kill ‘em in the nursing home. What a brave new world we are creating for ourselves.

Isn't it beautiful? 🌎 ☠️


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