Either people are getting stupider, or the bots are trying to start a war
· Jun 2, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Remember when Quora was a somewhat intelligent place where people could freely ask each other questions in an open forum and upvote the wisest, most accurate answers? Jordan Peterson came to fame by posting his rules for life there, after all.

How the mighty have fallen.

Yes, that is a real question recently posted on the forum, which is all-but-obsolete now that the internet has divided into Twitter for free debate and Reddit for commie censorship. Some Gen-Z troll named "Braydon Page" apparently asked it.

You'll find a lot of really dumb prompts like these on Quora these days, but the replies were so good on this one that I had to whip up a story because you deserve a laugh.

Here we go:

  • I'd shoot you. In your feet. That way every time you took a step until the day you die you'd feel pain and be reminded what an idiot you were. Although, I think it'd be hilarious seeing you try to stomp on my 120 pound Rottweiler. I'd shoot you anyway for threatening to hurt my dog.
  • I know pig farmers. This is bad plan for you.
  • Well Braydon Page, if you begged me really nice, I just MIGHT call 911 to come save YOUR life. Then again I might not.
  • I am convinced that stupid trolling questions like this are being automatically generated by substandard AI at this point.
  • Hurt my puppo, You'll get shoto
  • As a general rule it is a bad idea to threaten anyone. It is a really bad idea to threaten someone who has a gun.
  • Please do this. Please, for once, don't be a bot, put your money where your mouth is and please do this. Also get someone to record it as well.

This next one is epic and very specific...

Let me think Braydon, what would I do? Well first of all I'd invite you to take a little drive into the desert. We have some absolutely stunning landscapes and some very interesting sites in these parts.

For example I know of at least 50 abandoned mines within 100 – 150 miles from my house. Some of the shafts are probably at least 100 feet deep. I can't be sure since the timbers are so rotten there is no way that I, or anyone else, would ever dare to climb down them. Or we can do a little scavenger hunting and maybe even find some artifacts. I don't own a metal detector so we'll have to go old school and rely on shovels. I'll make sure to fill the hole back up. I'm a firm believer in the the maxim "tread lightly and leave no trace".

After I "drop" you off I'd probably spend a few weeks camping, just me and the dog. Depending on the amount of heat maybe head up into the higher elevations. There's a old gold mining camp about 50 miles off the paved road, next to Area 51, that I've been meaning to check out. No need to waste a trip. Hell it probably has a few mine shafts…mmmm.

Now I have a couple of optics I've been meaning to zero in. This would be a good time, out in the desert with not a living soul for miles and miles and miles. With no one around to rile one can only smile.

Come to think of it I also have a couple of weapons I haven't even fired yet. I must remember to bring a target.

You really don't wanna mess with people's dogs.

Have you seen the John Wick movies? Because this is how you create a John Wick response. It would not end well.

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