Enjoy This 2 Minute Compilation Of Democrats, Including VP Harris, Spouting All Sorts Of Conspiracy Theories About Voting Machines That Would Get You Labeled An Extremist On The Right And Kicked Off Social Media
· Jul 20, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Nothing to see here, just lots and lots of Democrats in 2018 claiming that the midterm elections were hacked, a claim that, if made in 2020 by a Republican would have you kicked off of social media and ostracized.

Enjoy the hypocrisy all in one place.

Democrats in 2018, after losing a few seats that were closely contested, spent several months banging the drum about "election integrity" and voting machines being hacked.

This was a real and pressing concern in 2018. Then, like magic, two years later, all the problems were completely solved. Just like that. Once they got the election result they wanted.

Some highlights from very prominent Democrats include gems such as:

"These voting machines can be hacked quite easily." - Ted Lieu (D-California)


"You could easily hack into them. It makes it seem like all these states are doing different things, but in fact, three companies are controlling this." - Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota)

And a personal favorite:

"There are a lot of states dealing with antiquated machines, right? Which are vulnerable to being hacked." Kamala Harris (D-California)

Yep, the current VP of the United States herself was gravely concerned with voting machines being outdated and easy to hack. At least she was in 2018. If you say that ABOUT THE SAME STATES AND SAME EXACT MACHINES in 2020 you are a "danger to democracy" or some such nonsense.

Ted Lieu comes back again with a very fascinating observation that I'm sure is some sort of coincidence.

"In a close presidential election they just need to hack one swing state... well maybe one or two... or maybe just a few counties in one swing state...

Hmm. Where have I heard this more recently?

Yeah, these are EXACTLY the same arguments being made by Mike Lindell and the most fervent Trump loyalists who have been exiled from YouTube and social media. Except these arguments aren't made by some fringe political commentators. They were made in the halls of Congress.

The only difference? Two years and their team won.


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