Enjoy this compilation of powerful Democrats gleefully going maskless while their lowly subordinates are forced to cover their faces 😷

Feb 6th

It seems, after two years of pandemic mania, that there exists two different sets of coronavirus rules throughout the country—one for Democrats, one for the rest of the rabble. Think Gavin Newsom's maskless, social distance-less Michelin starred dinner, or Deborah Birx's multigenerational Thanksgiving dinner.

One genre that never gets old—at least for Democrats—is the Democratic habit of going without masks while the lesser classes around them are forced to mask up. This appears to be the rapidly coalescing new order of things, where powerful liberals are permitted to take their masks off while the rest of the rabble must continue to cover their faces.

Here are some of the greatest hits of that catalogue:

☝️A beaming AOC getting her bespoke Met Gala dress tailored by a masked underling.

Just dazzling!

☝️Stacey Abrams grins amid a classroom full of children forced to cover their mouths with cloth.

This is the look of a true leader right here.

☝️The governor of New York and her crew of flunkies pose maskless before a group of masked-up children.

Only in New York!

☝️A maskless Nancy Pelosi courting dozens of maskless high-dollar donors being served by masked waitstaff.

You wouldn't want any coronavirus on those $100-per-plate dinners, would you?

☝️President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris enjoy a breath of fresh air while their governor friends keep their faces tightly sealed.

That's a royal prerogative if I ever saw one.

Keep it up through the midterms, Democrats, this isn't making you look like contemptuous aristocrats in the slightest!


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