Enjoy video of LAPD chasing down a shirtless man who gave his pup a joyride on a stolen golf cart
· Sep 25, 2023 · NottheBee.com

What the heck is Florida man doing out in Los Angeles?

This shirtless dude led the Los Angeles Police Department on a wild chase after he gave his dog a joyride on a stolen golf cart.

Yes, there's video:

The man stole an electric golf cart, which tops out at about 19mph, and led half of the LA Police Department on a chase throughout the city.

Officers could be seen throwing multiple spike strips toward the golf cart during the chase, but the strips were unsuccessful.

The driver allegedly never reached speeds much higher than 18 miles per hour, but was still able to evade officers multiple times. At one point, he can be seen driving into a parking lot and looping around the building.

They tried the spike strips on a golf cart???

Dude's going 10mph! He just drove around them!

Then he lost the cops by looping around in an empty parking lot?

I don't know if I should be impressed with this guy or just be disappointed in the police.

They shoulda called out the big guns!

Here's more video of the chase:

Police did finally corral the man, tackling him to the ground after he tried to flee on foot with the dog in his arms.

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