Eric Adams asks judge to suspend New York's "right to shelter" policy because this open border thing is just becoming too much to handle
· May 25, 2023 ·

How's that open borders and sanctuary city policy working out for ya, Mayor Adams?

New York mistakenly thought they were safe from mass migration because the days of Ellis Island letting in thousands of immigrants a day were over. But, in supporting open borders they did an unforgivable thing. They messed with Texas.

According to Bloomberg, New York has had a policy for 42 years that they would house, for free, any homeless adult resident in New York City. It's called the "Right to Housing" policy and the city was very proud of it.

That is until they started receiving hundreds of illegal aliens to the island every day, courtesy of Greg Abbott.

Now, Mayor Eric Adams has asked a judge to suspend the "Right to Housing policy.

The request, dated Tuesday and filed by a lawyer for the city, asks for permission to suspend the obligations when the city lacks the "resources and capacity to establish and maintain sufficient shelter."

Huh, it's almost like unchecked immigration can overload the system and completely collapse all the frameworks of a city.

The difference, of course, is that Texas and border towns did NOT vote for this.

But New York sure did. And now they're paying the piper.

"This ongoing flood of asylum-seekers arriving in New York City from the southern border represents a crisis of national, indeed international dimension; yet, the challenges and fiscal burden of this national crisis have fallen almost exclusively upon the city," Assistant Corporation Counsel Jonathan Pines wrote to Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Deborah Kaplan.

Pines said that as of May 15, more than 44,000 asylum-seekers remain in locations provided by the city, with more arriving each day. Including the "resident homeless" population, New York's Department of Homeless Services is currently sheltering more than 81,000 individuals — a 75 % increase from the previous year, according to the filing.

Even if the judge does give Adams his way and suspend the ruling, there are immigrant and homeless advocacy groups in the city preparing to sue the pants off of him if he tries.

The only thing that can save Adams now?

Shut down the border!

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