Even Bill Maher can see through the left's little game of lumping all Trump supporters in with the Capitol rioters
· Jan 18, 2021 · NottheBee.com

I'm going to say a few things about Bill Maher so go ahead and scroll down if you just want to see the video of him defending Trump supporters...

Also, consider this a language warning for every link below.

Have you noticed that Bill Maher has been teetering on alt-right over the past few years?

I guess we shouldn't be surprised, since he hosted a show called Politically Incorrect for 8 seasons, but the guy used to be considered a hardcore lefty.

Maher has recently come into the spotlight for speaking out against woke culture, transgender bathrooms, and the #metoo movement. He has made comments about Islam that really don't sit well with liberals, especially Ben Affleck.

He's even called out liberals' panicked response to Covid-19, and happens to be a bit of an "anti-vaxxer."

Maher triggered the left back in 2017 when he invited alt-righter Milo Yiannopoulos to be on his show. He has also given a platform to other alt-righters, including Ben Shapiro, Steve Bannon, Ann Coulter, Ben Domenech, Jordan Peterson, and Dennis Prager. You're really not supposed to do this on the left, even if you bring the "fascists" on just to argue with them.

I've even heard liberal friends of mine say recently that they "don't really like Maher's show anymore," which really shows you how far the left has shifted the Overton window.

Well, on this week's show Maher did something nobody on the left should ever do, especially after the chaos at the Capitol—HE DEFENDED TRUMP SUPPORTERS. This one might finally get him cancelled for good:

Maher's viewpoint echos arguments made by popular alt-righter Ben Shapiro last week which say you can't just lump all Trump supporters in with the people who stormed the Capitol. This argument somehow seems to be going mainstream BECAUSE EVERYONE CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH WHAT THE LEFT IS DOING.

It is obvious, right?

In his last episode of Trump's presidency Maher sent the president off with a quirky little children's book he wrote called "Pack Your [Stuff] and Go", and even had yet another awkward exchange with Kellyanne Conway.

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