Have you ever seen these old videos of people aging 20 years like Emperor Palpatine inside an Air force centrifuge? ๐Ÿ˜†
ยท Jul 25, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

If you're wondering why I compiled this list of people suffering under immense G-forces, it's because I had nothing better to do and I get paid to find ridiculous things (be jealous).

You probably have a working familiarity with those gigantic centrifuges deployed by military air divisions around the world in order to subject pilots to enhanced gravitational acceleration, e.g. "high-G training:"

These tests are done to ensure that pilots don't pass out and/or die when subject to the extreme G-forces of flight, including space flight.

What you may not be aware of is just how absolutely gnarly these kinds of tests make the human face look. I mean it's really quite shocking.

Here's an enlightening minute-long video out of Brooks City-Base in Texas:

I mean, the guy goes from healthy 18-year-old athlete to 68-year-old meth addict in like two seconds:

Then there's this airmen:

Look, we're all thinking it but I'm gonna go ahead and say it: Dude turns into Sylvester Stallone in nothing flat. And I don't mean 1982 First Blood Stallone, I mean 2019 Last Blood Stallone:

Okay, but what about its effect on female soldiers? Let's take a look:

I mean...

...okay, honestly, it doesn't really make her look that bad. That doesn't seem very fair. Feels like women got the human race's better end of the deal on the whole looks thing.

Well anyway at least we can enjoy this brave serviceman turning himself into Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars:

God bless our fighting forces for putting up with this bone-crushing insanity!

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