Everything you need to know about Portland’s likely new socialist mayor can be found by looking at how she views “your” money.
· Oct 31, 2020 · NottheBee.com

I put "your" in scare quotes because it's not entirely clear Portland mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone believes it's actually yours.

As a reminder, we're talking about this Sarah Iannarone.

She dismissed the criticism over her skirt because pop art or something.

Good news. Now I can finally break out my Hitler tie as long as I pair it with a matching set of Pokémon socks.

Her supporters note that it isn't at all a big deal. These kinds of items are very popular in Portland, like that's supposed to be comforting.

Calm down people. Placing mass murdering totalitarian dictators on clothing is just a big goof.

By the way, Trump hasn't condemned Hitler by name this past week, so, you know, he hates black people.

Anyway, to really understand Iannarone, you have to understand her view of your money, and to do so I'm going to dissect one section from her "Housing For All" plan.

"There is a significant amount of money available across the spectrum of housing options flowing into the city from various pipelines…"

I like this visual, a pipeline. Sucking money from my wallet. (Although it is a bit surprising as I thought progressives were against pipelines.)

Note also that this money is "available." Sounds kind of benign, like picking daisies from an open field, only it's your field, and armed government agents have come to pick them.

"There is significant tax inequity between property owners in East Portland and the rest of the city that needs to be evaluated and corrected through assessment recalibration and possible implementation of a land value tax (LVT)."

"Tax inequity" that must be "evaluated" so as to have a "recalibration."

Hint: your taxes are going up, confiscatorily.

Well, unless you live in East Liberty which houses most of Portland's minority population and tends to suffer from higher poverty rates. Iannarone's fondness for a Land Value Tax kind of gives away her agenda.

"A land value tax is a progressive tax, in that the tax burden falls on titleholders in proportion to the value of locations, the ownership of which is highly correlated with overall wealth and income."

Prepare for a tax increase Portland. But you knew that already.

"…but these monies are not being strategically coordinated nor leveraged for better outcomes."

We should define some terms here.

"Strategically coordinated" = "Spend."

"Leveraged" = "Spend"

If you're not sure, just assume "spend."

"We are also leaving revenue on the table that we could be capturing…"

"The table." Sounds harmless, like people who place perfectly good furniture on the curb on garbage day. Except you didn't, the table is still in your dining room and you made the mistake of leaving your wallet on it.

As for "capturing," not to worry, that one doesn't mean "spend."

It means taking your money.

"…a surcharge on luxury housing sales; a tax on vacant luxury real estate developments; scale- and carbon- impact fees; and a real-estate speculation tax."

So, rich people, rich people, rich people, and rich people.

It's a good thing they don't have the money or resources to just move.

Oh, wait...

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