Experts are rolling back decades-old advice about taking aspirin to prevent heart attacks but don't worry y'all the science is TOTALLY SETTLED about everything else!
· Apr 27, 2022 ·

We're constantly being told that any questioning or skepticism of THE SCIENCE—about vaccines, about climate change, whatever—is dangerous, foolhardy, misinformed and just plain stupid. "Trust Science" is the motto of the age. To do anything else is to be an anti-science idiot.

Oh also, in totally unrelated news, the stuff they've been telling you about aspirin for many years is quietly getting rolled back:

After years of recommending regular aspirin to prevent heart attack and stroke, scientists now see little benefit for most healthy people, and say it may contribute to a risk of bleeding in your stomach or brain that goes up as you get older.

Wow, it "may contribute to a risk of bleeding." That sounds serious.

Good thing they quickly caught it after just a few decades, right?

The US Preventive Service Task Force has finalized its latest recommendations on low-dose aspirin regimens and now says people over 60 should not start taking a daily aspirin for primary prevention of heart problems, in most cases.

If you are between 40 and 59 years old, the USPSTF leaves it up to you and your doctor to decide whether you should take a daily aspirin in specific circumstances.

Good to know! Maybe a little late if your brain or your stomach has already been flooded with thinned blood. Still, better late than never, right?

Anyway, this concludes our periodic revision of "settled science." You can now go back to believing everything without questioning any of it!

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