Facebook just removed this Babylon Bee post for "hate speech"!
· Feb 21, 2022 · NottheBee.com


That was from Joel Berry, the Bee's Managing Editor. Click to zoom:

They slapped the greatest satire site on the planet with a HATE SPEECH violation for that!

If you're an especially daring individual, here's the link that Facebook decided was waaaay too spicy to be on the right side of history (or, at least, the Woke Mob):

Say it with me now...


Facebook is so dumb.

Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee, had this to say to Not the Bee about the action:

We're going to appeal this.

Remember how Facebook recently rolled out new rules stipulating that "real satire" cannot "punch down"? Are they really willing to say that defending women against a male takeover of their records is "punching down" and – even worse – "hate speech"? We're going to find out.

Facebook hates us, man. How much longer will they even allow sites like The Babylon Bee and Not the Bee to exist on their platform?


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