Federal appeals court allows Texas to "arrest and jail any illegal immigrants crossing the border" under new law unless SCOTUS intervenes
ยท Mar 4, 2024 ยท NottheBee.com

Barring a Supreme Court ruling, Texas is about to start jailing illegal trespassers, meaning America will have a secure section of border for the first time in years.

Here's what happened: A judge in Austin (because of course) blocked Texas from implementing a bill that would allow state authorities to arrest and jail illegals.

Judge David Alan Ezra wrote in his Thursday decision to halt the law that "If allowed to proceed, SB 4 could open the door to each state passing its own version of immigration laws."

Yeah, well, it turns out that when the American people vote for border security, then their government passes laws to enact border security, but the president ignores them and rolls out the welcome mat, that people take justice into their own hands.

Do you want the states to stop going rogue? Then enforce the law.

Texas appealed the ruling, with Republican Gov. Greg Abbott saying, "We will not back down in our fight to protect our state โ€” and our nation โ€” from President Biden's border crisis."

Over the weekend, the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals granted a stay of Ezra's decision but put its ruling on hold for seven days, allowing time for the Biden administration to go to the Supreme Court.

It's important to remember, especially since you'll see a lot of screaming angry people on the news, that this doesn't mean Texas can jail any immigrant. Immigrants can follow our robust, LEGAL processes to come into America and get work visas. The more the merrier!

They just can't pay the cartel to hop the Rio Grande and then get a free pass, without any background checks or penalties, to roam America for 10 years before their immigration hearings.

If the Supreme Court doesn't take up the matter by March 9, Senate Bill 4 will become law and Texas will do what every serious nation in the history of the world has done:

Protect its citizens and defend from invasion.

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