Feds seize $2.8 million worth of cocaine-frosted corn flake cereal shipped from South America

Feb 21st

Well this is one way to smuggle drugs:

$2.8 million worth of cocaine...disguised as yummy frosted flakes.

Now that's pretty creative.

Except for the fact that drug dogs exist and are, uh, how do you say...TRAINED TO DETECT DRUGS WITH THEIR SNIFFER!

The cocaine-sprinkled cereal was actually headed to Hong Kong from Peru, but a Cincinnati-based Customs and Border Protection Narcotic Detector Dog was able to intercept the package on February 13th.


The shipment contained about 44 pounds of cocaine coated corn flakes, which could have a street value of up to $2,822,400.

I'm sorry, but this is amazing. Can you just imagine the day you'd have after a bowl full of this cocaine-infused cereal for breakfast? You'd be out of control—an absolute monster. You'd probably get all the day's work done and be in jail by 9 a.m. And you would deserve it.

So next time you pop open a box of corn flakes, make sure you give it a good sniff first… you know, just to make sure there's no cocaine in it.


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