Crazy story: Police are on a witch hunt for a woman that performed "money cleansing" spiritual services.
· · Apr 22, 2021 ·

Police in Naples, FL are searching for a woman that performed witchcraft services resulting in the theft of tens of thousands of dollars from multiple clueless victims.

On March 14th, the first casualty of this witchcraft scheme came forward, detailing how he saw a flyer at a laundromat that offered a "100% guarantee" to fix any problem with a spouse. After seeing the flyer, he reached out to the number provided and the next day met with "Rosalia." She read his tarot cards and told him that she sensed something "dark" in his life. In order to fix this darkness, she told him that he would need to sleep with three eggs under his bed and then return the next day with the eggs.

The next day, the victim returned with the eggs. Rosalia waved the eggs above the victim's head, revealing that one contained blood, another needles, and the last egg contained worms.

Rosalia told the victim that he needed to go and get as much money as possible (this is where the red alarms should have gone off) and return with the cash so that she could bless his money, which would then in turn to "double, and possibly triple the cash quantity." Basically, it sounded like a Robert Tilton sales pitch.

Officers said that the victim returned with $29,500 (!!!!) in cash to be blessed.

Seriously, just think about that for a second. How does a person this gullible have access to that kind of money? I digress.

Unfortunately, Rosalia saw darkness in the money, so she told the victim she needed to take it to a temple in Fort Myers to be cleansed, and promised to return it the victim the next day.

Shockingly, the next day came and Rosalia missed the appointment with the victim and would later stop replying to messages.

Here is the kicker… there wasn't just one human being that gave up thousands of dollars for cleansing. As police were investigating the case, they came across even more people that were scammed by "Rosalia."

First, they came across two people waiting outside "Rosalia's" suite looking for her. These people said Rosalia took $11,435 and $8,000 cash from them under the same assertion that she was taking the money to a temple to be cleansed.

A fourth victim was later located. He handed over $10,000 to her but refused to provide a sworn statement to police in order to keep this information from reaching his wife.

The Naples Police Department released sketches, and is asking anyone who recognizes the woman to call 239-213-4844.

At this point, I'm tempted to say that the Police should just walk away and let natural selection take its course. Unbelievable.


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