Folks, this is a real headline from the LA Times
· Jun 22, 2022 ·

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the new leftwing talking point brought to you by the Los Angeles Times:

That's right, we have gone from "greatest economic recovery in history" to "yes, a recession is coming, but it won't be that bad."

Behind the rhetoric, the reality is that recessions are a normal part of American economic life. The U.S. has had one on average every 6½ years since 1945.

And in the present case, most professional economists think any downturn now is likely to be relatively mild, with a fairly quick recovery.

The Biden economy has been absolutely horrid, but now the talking point has shifted.

  1. Inflation isn't happening
  2. It's happening but temporary
  3. It's here but it's not that bad
  4. It's bad but it's Putin's fault
  5. There's no recession coming
  6. The recession is coming but it's a good thing.

Now it's not whether we can avoid a recession. The Left is telling you that recessions are normal and that it's no big deal if we go into a recession.

As if the policies from Biden aren't hurting the economy in any way.

Many households are flush with cash, jobs are plentiful with demand for new workers strong. Banks are well capitalized, which gives them a solid buffer against a business contraction.

"Many" households are flush with cash? Who are these guys talking about?

The average American is suffering from paycheck to paycheck.

Then we have news like this:

And the Los Angeles Times is doing all they can to convince you that it's no big deal if the economy tanks and you get hurt for years to come as a result.

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