Forbes Seriously Tweeted This
· Sep 3, 2021 ·

I've been staring at this for the longest time. My brain is starting to hurt.

You'd think that a magazine ostensibly focused on business and finance might have someone on board to catch these sorts of mathematically ignorant headlines.

I guess not, because Forbes seriously tweeted this headline:

So, this is a very confusing headline as I was under the impression that the mortality rate for humans was sitting right at 100%.

So, according to a "study" cited by Forbes, transgender people die at a rate of 200%! Really hard to believe.

To put it another way, 2 out of every 1 transgender person dies.

No, really. The story repeats the claim throughout. They never see the logical impossibility of their claim. They simply regurgitate the "study." It makes absolutely zero sense.

Trans women had particularly elevated risks of death—notably from heart disease, lung cancer, HIV-related illness and suicide—the researchers noted, and were almost twice as likely to die than cis men and nearly three times as likely to die than cis women.

Not only are transwomen dying at double the rate of cis men (note, these are the same thing), they are almost 3 times more likely to die than real women.

There were no differences in the risks of death between trans and cisgender men, the study found, though the group was almost twice as likely to die than cis women, especially from non-natural causes like suicide.

This is literally nonsense. It makes no sense. What are they actually trying to communicate?

I am guessing, although the article NEVER states this, they may be referring to premature deaths. There's a short sentence about deaths from non-natural causes, but they don't claim that that is the entirety of the "reason" for the high death rate.

This transgender ideology makes so little sense that our twisted society has decided the numbers don't matter at all. The claim is obviously false... it's not like there's a large portion of society that never dies (that's just Keanu Reeves).

But if we can make up our gender, I guess we can make up our own math too. Why not?

After all, this is presented to you by the same folks who have told us that 2+2=5.

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