Former D1 head women's swim coach has inspiring message for women preparing to compete against trans athletes: Hey, winning isn't everything, you know.
ยท Mar 16, 2022 ยท

In addition to being a former Division 1 head women's swim coach, Kelly Parker Palace is also the co-host of the "Champions Mojo" podcast and a world record-setting athlete.

Of course, that was back when only women were allowed to compete.

Dear Division I NCAA Women Swimmers,

In this upcoming historic NCAA competition that will include the participation of University of Pennsylvania transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, there will undoubtedly be controversial conversations, extra media attention and potential protests.


I suppose the incremental destruction of women's collegiate sports is pretty historic.

I respect Lia to live as her authentic self. This letter, however, is not a commentary about Lia Thomas as a swimmer or in which category she should compete.

I think Lia can live anyway she likes. Heck, I'll even use her pronouns here to avoid narrative confusion. If she wants to make believe she's a woman and that makes her happy, fine, I don't care.

For that matter, if her "authentic self" also involves being a princess of the Belgian royal family, I'm okay with that, too.

I just don't think she should expect to be welcomed to take up residence at the palace and start greeting foreign dignitaries.

Please consider that whatever challenges you may face this week will make you better and stronger in the long run. Victories come in more forms than standing on the podium.

Agreed, victories come in many more forms than standing on the podium.

I mean, sure, Kelly Parker Palace got to stand on the podium many times, but she totally didn't care about that nearly as much as "connecting with the water."

Or something.

When you set foot on the deck in Atlanta, feel the joy you experience in connecting with the water. Relish the privilege of getting to compete at such an elite level. Enjoy your teammates and friends.

Exactly! Do all those wonderful non-winning type things.

I feel the lessons you are learning by competing in college sports create leadership skills, confidence and resilience.

Those things are much more important than a silly gold medal.

Like the one she plastered on the front of her book, Take your mark, LEAD!

I guess future editions will have a silver or bronze instead.

Swimming World has taken a pretty tough stand against men competing with women, so their readership was not overly sympathetic to Palace's argument.

Winning is the point of competitions. If it doesn't matter, stop all competitive sports. Do exhibition events where ALL athletes take part to just showcase personal achievements.

It's basically telling young women athletes they shouldn't race to win. mean "lose gracefully"

Hiding comments is the new censorship.....I'm surprised this is still published.

I think the future of women's sports as envisioned by the super woke is becoming clear now.

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