Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Says She Created Plan To Abolish Department Of Education, But Congress Refused To Listen
ยท Jun 23, 2022 ยท

No Trump appointee made the libs more consistently mad than the super-competent and intelligent Betsy DeVos who ran the Department of Education.

DeVos wasn't someone who would just blindly throw money at schools and hope it worked, which makes the Left who worship government education super-duper mad.

In a new interview with Glenn Beck, DeVos revealed she wished to go even further than her own party would allow.

Conservatives have talked about shutting down the department for years, but I actually had a plan to do it...

Decision making is best made at the local level, decision making needs to be at the most local level and that is with the family.

This contention that we're talking about draining money from the system, it's not about the system. It's about individual kids and we need to be supporting parents making decisions and choices for the right fit for their own children.

I knew that she was my favorite Trump appointee for a reason.

Betsy absolutely gets it. The federal government has absolutely no business in making education decisions for everyone. Power needs to be localized, given to parents, and taken away from the Washington bureaucrats who have run education into the ground since the department's creation.

No wonder the Left hated her.

DeVos explains how the DOE is completely unnecessary and how more could get accomplished if they got out of the way.

So much of what goes on in those buildings is simply reorganizing and re-shuffling money appropriated by congress and then putting strings on it when sending it to states and districts.

And it's where all of the overreach of the federal government enters into education.

If we were to wind that down, do away with it, and allow states to resume their role as in the federal system we would still continue to support education and the education funds that congress would still want to appropriate would go best if they went directly to the families that should be able to make decisions for their own children.

Fund families and students, not systems!

This is the way.

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