Powerful testimony of former agent: "The FBI became politically weaponized, starting from the top in Washington and trickling down to the field offices.”
· Feb 10, 2023 · NottheBee.com

God bless brave men and women like this:


These alphabet agencies used to be respected for the dangerous work they do each day to keep us safe.

And many of those agents still do good work.

But when Lady Justice is no longer blind, and the FBI is being used to arrest pro-life dads at gunpoint and cover up Hunter Biden's crimes, it sows distrust that can never be recovered. When you become the lapdog of leftist politicians, you become the new Pretorian Guard or the KGB.

Here's the end of her thought that was cut off in the previous clip:

She talks about the lowering of standards in recruiting: The inevitable "equity" policies that favor someone's sex or skin color over skill and character. The effects are beginning to cripple the agency's ability to catch actual bad guys.

Here's a timestamped video of her full testimony if interested:

It's as if there became two FBIs. Americans see this and it is destroying the Bureau's credibility.

Yes it is. And yes it has.

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