Former Marine Jesse Kelly Goes On Tucker Carlson, Drops Truth Bombs On Traitorous General Mark Milley, And Paints A Grim Picture Of The Future Of Our Military

Sep 17th

It has certainly been a less-than-stellar 2021 for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley.

First, you'll recall, earlier this summer Milley was put before Congress to defend his "woke" reading list that included books on CRT and studying "white rage" as if those are the biggest threats to our country.

Then, of course, we have the debacle in Afghanistan that Milley is personally responsible for as well. And Jesse Kelly has already torched the general over his disgraceful Afghanistan handling on Tucker's show at length.

Now we have the news from the Woodward book that Milley, being so insanely delusional about Donald Trump, called his counterpoint in China saying he'd warn them if an attack was imminent. A traitorous move, if true.

After all of this, Milley hasn't been fired as he should be. He hasn't resigned in shame, as a respectable man would. Instead, he has doubled down, defended himself, and is still being supported by the White House.

Jesse Kelly is a former Marine and a man with many opinions. He went on Tucker Carlson Thursday night and laid into the system that has allowed Milley and those like him to flourish:

Kelly normally has hilarious truth bombs, but his message this time is not very funny. It's more depressing and disheartening than anything else.

And unfortunately, I think every word he said is true.

Tucker asks if Kelly believes Milley will be able to continue in his job and the answer just absolutely hits the nail on the head:

No! He's not going to continue on and stay in the job, Tucker. He's going to be promoted!

You know about a year from now Milley will come out with a book with some cheesy title called "The Courage To Act" or something like that. And he'll make about $5 million. And he'll make about 50 grand a pop on the University circuit.

He's not going to continue on, he's going to prosper. Mark Milley is God's gift to the people who run this... country.

Milley is in a position where, as long as there's no change in the White House, he can only fail upward. And Kelly is right, he'll retire and then milk that money from the book and speaking circuit. Because he's woke and he opposed Trump. So to the left, he's a hero. Full stop.

Kelly goes on:

There's a cabal of Communists around Joe Biden. Joe Biden has the brain function of Louis XVI so he's not going to step in. And Mark Milley has been very useful for them. He's kept his mouth shut when he should've. As soon as the Biden Administration needed coverup for their disaster in Afghanistan, Milley stepped up promptly and droned a family of 10 and claimed it was ISIS.

This person is really useful to the regime. He'll get promoted. He'll have a really nice life.

After thoroughly decimating Milley, Jesse is asked by Tucker about the state of the military in general. And this is where his prognostications really take a turn towards the negative.

"The real success for the communists right now, is the real warriors we have in, they're getting out. And warriors we need, testosterone filled men, 18 years old, they're not going in! They don't want to go learn about "white rage" from Milley! They don't want to go learn about how racist they are! They don't wanna go and get forced vaccinations!

So what it's doing, it's a soft-purge of the military. And soon we'll have a bunch of compliant sheep, vicious little weaklings, who will do exactly what every communist dictator wants them to do. And that's hurt their political opponents...

They want weak, stupid sheep that will do whatever they're told. And 10, 15, 20 years from now that's the military we'll have because we're losing all our best guys because idiots like Mark Milley run the military.

Jesse and Tucker are right. The military is being run by incompetents. They have no idea what they're doing militarily and are more concerned with being woke.

This is no way to run a country. And with leaders like this, there's just no way a country can survive.


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