Gas Prices Are Skyrocketing, So House Republicans Are Running On Reducing Greenhouse Gases For Midterms ๐Ÿ™„
ยท Jun 2, 2022 ยท

The Biden administration has overseen the highest gas prices in history.

The energy secretary has told us we are going to use this price hike to fulfill the left's climate agenda and "transition" off of fossil fuels.

Transportation secretary Mayor Pete thinks that gas prices will keep going up and that we should just drive Teslas if we can't afford gas.

This is a MAJOR issue for Democrats in the 2022 election, so what are Republicans going to do about it?


They're going to roll over and accept the Democrats' bogus climate plans and just propose the same sorts of policies as the Left, but just in a tamped-down version.

Prophecy fulfilled??

All you have to do is campaign on lowering gas prices and opening drilling. But no, the Republicans can't do it.

From Politico:

House Republicans are preparing to release a six-part strategy to try to tame surging gasoline prices and to combat climate change that calls for increasing production of all types of energy and sets no greenhouse gas targets.

The plan to be released Thursday is the product of an "energy, climate, and conservation task force" created by top House Republican Kevin McCarthy last year that he tasked with devising a policy agenda to address climate change should Republicans capture the House in the 2022 midterm elections.

"We are creating a clear coherent energy strategy that returns the U.S. to an emissions reduction trajectory as opposed to what we are seeing under the Biden administration, which is failing every test, whether it be affordability, emissions or security," Rep. Garret Graves (R-La.), the chair of the 17-member task force, told POLITICO in an exclusive interview previewing the plan.

When we're paying $8 a gallon for gas, I promise you, people will stop caring about "emissions."

McCarthy! Republicans! Get yourselves together!

It's been said that Republicans are just Democrats driving the speed limit, and that seems about right in this case.

Not only is this a losing strategy, it's actually bad for absolutely everyone. We need more energy independence. We aren't running out of fossil fuels. This is pure insanity from McCarthy and Republican leadership.

If this is the Republican leadership in 2022, the Right is in big trouble.

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