Georgia pastor wants to use his church as a marijuana farm to draw more black men
· Dec 15, 2022 ·

Atlanta pastor Jamal Bryant says that his church needs to attract more black men, and on a recent episode of the "Cool Soror," he suggested that the best lure for black men was cannabis, so why isn't the church growing marijuana?

"I'm mindful that I'm not after Christians, I'm after people who don't go to church," Bryant added. "Churches are just recycling people from other churches. I'm looking for people who smell like weed." Bryant declared. "New Birth is the largest land-owning Black church in America. My position to my deacons is ‘why aren't we not raising cannabis?'"

Of course, Bryant's dream of turning his church into a marijuana farm would face an uphill battle in Georgia where marijuana laws prohibit the growth and possession of marijuana for anything but a small personal amount of medical low-THC oil.

Bryant seemed undeterred by the actual law:

"I'll be able to bring in Black males. They're able to do it legally. I'm teaching them farming. I'm helping them to enhance the ecosystem. This is the kind of conversation. So if the guy, Black boy, in Bankhead said ‘they growing weed at the church? Where do I join?' I don't need no pamphlet for him," Bryant said.

Is he saying black males can only be enticed to church with weed? That's one of the most racist things I've ever heard.

Besides that what about the Gospel?

Bryant who leads a mega church and has an estimated net worth of $500,000 has that covered. He says that using his church as a cannabis farm and market is just a non-conventional form of evangelism:

"I said I want people who smell like smoke because I believe these are the people God is looking for and too many of us have become so puffed up in our self-appointed sanctification that we fail to do outreach. In no uncertain terms is cannabis, hemp a ploy or distraction from winning souls to Christ."

Sorry, Reverend Bryant, I think when smoke fills the temple in Revelation 15:8; this isn't quite what the Bible was referencing.

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