Senator Raphael Warnock Forgot About A Few People In This Garbage Tweet of His And Hoo Boy Are People Letting Him Know
· Jan 24, 2022 ·

When someone starts out by saying "as a pro-choice pastor" you know that whatever follows is going to be an absolutely horrible take.

Georgia Senator and Liberal "Reverend" Raphael Warnock's take on abortion near the 49th anniversary of Roe V. Wade is no exception.

There are several issues with Warnock's message – apart from the fact that he is, supposedly, a Christian who supports the murder of children in the womb.

Basically, his argument is one of the oldest in the book when it comes to abortion. He's saying the government should not be involved in abortion.

The fact that this ignores the pro-life argument – that the baby is a human being whose life deserves protection – is the least of this statement's problems.

Let's break this down.

As a pro-choice pastor, I've always believed that a patient's room is way too small for a woman, her doctor, and the United States government.

So, according to liberal logic, the only people involved in the abortion decision are a woman and her doctor. The government shouldn't be involved.

Which does bring up an interesting question about the made-up "right" to abortion...

But this aside, there are a few other individuals being forgotten about here. What about the father of the child? Is his say not important? Does he not exist at all?

Not in the minds of pro-abortionists.

...Unless, of course, they mistakenly believe they can use him as a political tool to cudgel pro-lifers.

Who else is involved in this decision that Warnock is leaving out?

Well, there is the slight matter of the child who is being killed.

She's in the room too, and this decision very much involves her!

Yeah, Warnock did not think this one through.

There's also the irony of tweeting this out when Warnock is in favor of vax mandates.

Oh, there's another, very important person present in that room. One that you think a "pastor" would not forget.

This "pastor" is openly supporting the practice of sacrificing pre-born humans. This is not a man of God.

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