Germany is shutting off its last nuclear power plants because shutting down the cleanest source of energy is totally the best way to beat climate change
· Apr 11, 2023 ·

Just in case you thought the climate change people were serious about reducing emissions to save the world from the giant sun monster because of the absolute horror that awaits us, lefties in Germany just completely shut down the cleanest energy production known to man.

The final three German nuclear power plants are being closed down, and the people trying to save us from global warming are all celebrating.

Because they live in a fantasy world.

Even now, with Russia's invasion of Ukraine making it impossible for Germany to get enough oil, they are committed to "green energy" goals that include shutting down the nuclear plants.

The current rate of progress in renewables does not satisfy either the government or environmentalists, and Germany will not meet its climate targets without a serious push.

These targets "are already ambitious without the nuclear phase-out - and every time you deprive yourself of a technological option, you make things more difficult," notes Georg Zachmann, an energy expert at the Brussels think-tank Bruegel.

The equation is even more complex given the goal of shutting down the country's coal-fired power plants by 2038, many of them by 2030.

In order to keep up with the fantastical "green goals," Germany needs to install 5 windmills a day.

They don't have the ability to keep the heat on, the AC on, the lights on, but hey at least the country is going green while old people die of exposure and isolation.

Today's commies are more green than red.

This is a complete capitulation to the environmentalist idiots. And people will suffer in order to "save the planet."

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