Grab the popcorn and watch as Rick Santelli schools CNBC host on lockdowns.
· Dec 4, 2020 ·

Rick Santelli is CNBC's guy at the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange). This is the same Rick Santelli who had a hand in naming the Tea Party movement years ago during another one of his entertaining rants. (Starts at the 2:08 mark.)

Today he got into it with Andrew Ross Sorkin who had a similar row months ago with cohost Joe Kernen.

The topic this time was lockdowns and the disproportionate focus on restaurants. While two-minute shouting matches do not lend themselves to a thorough exploration of a topic, it was still a useful, satisfying, and even edifying dustup.

Note that this clip is longer than most of the ones you'll see floating around Twitter right now, but I think the context is helpful and casts Santelli in a much better light than the others. It shows that he did not simply start off yelling, he began by making a series of excellent, thoughtful points.

You can start at the 30-second-mark and not miss anything important.

As an aside, if you ever have two altercations with two different coworkers that are broadcast live on your cable news network, you might want to start asking if maybe you are the problem.

(You can actually hear Kernen in the background answering Santelli's question, "Who is this?" with, "Who else? Who else? Who else?")

The Fight here was between common sense, using your own eyes, your own faculties, and making your own decisions as a rational human being, vs. the Andrew Sorkins of the world, who accept without question whatever line they are being fed by their overlords and instead of relying on argument and debate, repeat the word "science" as a bludgeon.

And they fancy themselves the smart and sophisticated ones.

Speaking of which, CNN of course blamed Santelli and praised Sorkin for his ability to mouth the same talking points they have been instructed to.


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