Greg Abbott threatens Texas A&M's funding over plans to abide by Biden's Title IX rules: "Bowing to the leftist agenda will reap consequences."
· May 15, 2024 ·

This is how I like my Republican governors: Threatening institutions that would side with the feds over the state.

As we've told you before, Biden's Title IX plans are awful. They destroy women's sports by allowing men to compete. They make it impossible to protect women and girls from predators who "identify" as women. They make preferred pronouns the default law of the land. And, in general, they erase the biological reality of the sexes.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has made it clear, much like Ron DeSantis, that his state isn't going to put up with the nonsense.

If they do, if they act contrary to state policy, they are jeopardizing state funding, including money from the PUF fund.

Bowing to the leftist agenda will reap consequences.

Abbott stood up to Biden on the border, and now he's taking a stand against Title IX.

Here's the report on A&M that elicited this response from the governor.

According to a report from Texas Scorecard, Texas A&M is planning to implement Joe Biden's radical Title IX rewrite this summer.

The 1,500 pages of new rules include the addition of 'gender identity' as a protected class, which will force schools to allow biological males to use female spaces. And if schools refuse, federal funding would be withheld.

'They are scrambling to, that was what we had reported' said Brandon Waltens, who broke the story, 'Biden's new Title IX changes that have been gaining a lot of controversy, and a lot of pushback.'

Abbott already sent letters to educational institutions throughout the state, informing them that Texas would not abide by the federal rules. Texas A&M wants to side with the feds over Texas.

Abbott warned them there'll be a cost. And it's not chump change either.

Last year, the state of Texas gave $1.19 BILLION to the TAMU system. That's quite a carrot dangling in front of the university.

I know, wokeness is a religion to some of these folks, but $1 billion is A LOT of money.

Keep their feet to the fire, governor!

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