Biden guts Title IX, allows men to compete in women's sports and gives schools power to punish kids for not using "preferred pronouns"
ยท Apr 19, 2024 ยท

Alright guys, we can't let this fly under the radar.

President Biden is undoing Trump's Title IX rules and reimplementing Obama's initiatives in the Department of Education. What that means is that "women" no longer means "women" when it comes to civil rights and the radical gender theorists are in control. Also, the anti-men's groups and the fake "rape culture" apologists of the Obama era are back in control.

Inez Stepman does some of the best work on this subject, so I'll let her explain in this X thread.

- Reinstate Obama-era kangaroo court rules for men accused of sexual assault on college campuses that completely flout due process and make mere accusation the standard that can ruin young men's lives.

- Encourage universities to unconstitutionally curtail protected speech in the name of subjective offense and "harassment"; empower schools to enforce rules like punishing children for using biologically [correct] pronouns.

- Curtail parents' rights to know what schools are doing with their own children with regard to "gender transition"

That's the simplified list of what Biden's "defense of transgender students," as it's being called in the media, accomplishes.

A complete and total loss of rights for girls, women, men, and parents. But at least the pronoun brigade won't be offended.

Stepman continues:

Each one of these changes itself would be a five-alarm fire, and in many cases represent unconstitutional curtailment of established rights, rights federal courts have consistently upheld. These changes will be challenged in court. But it's a good reminder of the enormous power of bureaucracy to massively change American law and curtail all of our rights overnight.

The new Department of Education regulation EXPLICITLY demands that schools under the DoE require changing rooms and restrooms to be used in accordance with "gender identity."

This is the overnight overturning of safe spaces for women and girls. By rule, your local schools have to allow boys into girls' lockers and showers.

Betsy DeVos, Trump's Education Secretary whose hard work under the previous administration was just undone, explains her thoughts on the Biden admin's Title IX rules as well:

The Biden Administration's radical rewrite of Title IX guts the half century of protections and opportunities for women and callously replaces them with radical gender theory, as Biden's far-left political base demanded.

This regulation is an assault on women and girls. It makes it a federal requirement that boys be allowed in girls bathrooms in elementary schools. It makes it a federal requirement that men be allowed to play women's sports, putting their safety, privacy and competitive opportunity at risk. And it makes it a federal requirement that feelings, not facts, dictate how Title IX is enforced.

Importantly, this regulation also seeks to u-turn to the bad old days where sexual misconduct was sent to campus kangaroo courts, not resolved in a way that actually sought justice. It restores the so-called "single investigator" model, where the same campus #DEI bureaucrat is the detective, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. It functionally eliminates live hearings designed to seek the truth. And it returns adjudications to the preponderance of the evidence standard - where essentially a coin-flip about guilt or innocence can remove a student from campus and tarnish their reputation for life.

(Coin flip is putting it kindly since we know how these administrators feel about men.)

DeVos continues:

This is a regulation no one needed and very few wanted. Our rule, the current one, was working well. By contrast, the Obama-Biden rules I inherited drew bipartisan outrage about the horrors they were creating on campuses, and the courts were routinely having to intervene. None of that was the case when Biden took office. This is an endeavor born entirely of progressive politics, not sound policy.

The American people reject this approach, and I fully expect that both the Congress and the Courts will do the same in the weeks and months ahead.

DeVos and Stepman both note that this will be challenged in court. But the administration has already implemented this. All schools, from pre-K to college, are now completely beholden to the whim of gender radicals.

"Moderate" Joe, everyone.

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