Gun sales smashed records for the 16th straight month and I can only imagine why

May 4th

In April 2021, at least 1.8 million new guns were sold – the 16th consecutive month that Americans have bought blasters at record levels en masse.

In addition to this, the boomsticks Americans wanted the most were rifles, like those yucky AR-15's that Joe says we don't need. Per Jurgen Brauer, chief economist for Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting:

"Handgun sales declined in April 2021 relative to the same month last year, so that long-gun sales drove this April's overall increase."

Can you guess why that might be? Maybe because of this?




Or this?




I don't know, but it seems Americans are excited to harness their inner John Wick for some strange reason!

Here's what the owner of one of the country's largest gun stores had to say:

"Sales continue to be brisk, and we're showing growth in the 25-35% range compared to last year. This is more natural growth and isn't strictly being driven by political or other outside forces. More than likely, many of the 8 million people that bought their first gun in the last year have caught the bug and are buying more guns and accessories."

You've got to hand it to the leftist politicians: they have really contributed to the growth of the firearms industry in the nation. If roughly 40-50% of FBI background checks are for firearm purchases, the the total number of guns sold over the last 15 years has skyrocketed.

In 2007, there were 11 million such background checks, not a huge increase from the 9 million in 1999:

* * *

But starting in 2008, background checks – and therefore gun sales – began to spike, hitting 14 million by 2009, 19 million in 2012, and 26 million in 2016.

It's almost like Americans were worried about something (or someone) who was stoking national division and campaigning to destroy the Second Amendment.

In 2020, background checks spiked from 28 million to 39 million – with an estimated 21 million guns sold in the midst of the coronasanity.

But look at the first four months of this year. If the trends hold (and given the plans leftists have for gun control, they will), Americans are going to blow last year's insane record out of the water in 2021:

* * *

Enjoy your freedom responsibly, 'Murica!


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