Guys ... I think the slippery slope just turned to ice
ยท Feb 26, 2024 ยท

Have you ever "noped" so hard you thought you couldn't "nope" no more?

[Warning: Graphic]

This is, perhaps, the worst headline I've ever seen in my time in the news.

A middle-aged HIV-positive man is making a baby suck on his man boobs thanks to woke lactation experts in Canada.

I have thoughts.

This is the kind of thing that you would never be able to make up with a normal mind. Like, there was nowhere in parody world just 3 years ago where someone would come up with something so shocking and bizarre.

Heck, in the weird LGBT world, this wouldn't have been considered possible 3 years ago. But that's why it's called a slippery slope.

A trans-identified male residing in Canada who claims to be HIV positive and inserts progesterone rectally has been allegedly "breastfeeding" his child with the support of established medical clinics. Former men's rights activist Murray Pearson, 52, who uses the name Margaret (Margie) Fancypants on social media, has been criticized after he shared an image of himself at a lactation clinic holding a young infant.

The photo was first posted three months ago on Reddit community titled r/TransLater, a board dedicated to males who transition later in life. In a post titled, 'Milk, baby, milk! MTF 52,' wherein Pearson appears ecstatic that one 'benefit of being transfemme' includes 'that you can be pregnant and get drunk' with no undue problems.

He sounds like a good dad, doesn't he?

No, he sounds like a porn-addicted pervert who was able to obtain a baby. Well, I guess that's what you'd say if you're one of those bigots who don't think babies should get milk from male chests.

Here's more from the author:



'This is a wish I have had for decades. My egg cracked a year ago on December 12 and I realized I could nurse my baby already on the way. That lit a fire under me, and I have gone from having lean pectoral muscle in March to full B-cups now and growing fast,' he added.

Pearson continues on to claim to have the assistance of 'medical expertise,' including 'five physicians in three clinics in two world class hospitals,' with one of the clinics named as the Goldfarb Clinic in Montreal.

Yeah, I think we're not hating doctors enough now.

(No, I know, not all doctors. But any doctor that would enable this...)

Honestly, what's the argument against fire and brimstone at this point?

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