It's hard to believe the Chinese birth rate is absolutely cratering, isn't it?
· Feb 28, 2023 ·

You're probably aware that China is desperately trying to boost its cratering birth rates:

In China, a country that limits most couples to three children, one province is making a bold pitch to try to get its citizens to procreate: have as many babies as you want, even if you are unmarried.

"Even if you are unmarried." Sounds like a reckless plan for socially degraded disaster! But you can understand why the country's communist dictators are hoping against hope that it will work. Here's the country's birth rate over the past several decades:


If you don't understand the math here, it means China's population could half in the coming decades – by the end of the century for sure – and cheap labor by an exploding number of citizens is the only thing that's kept the communist regime going the last 50 years.

So is there any guarantee that China can reverse its plummeting birth rates by convincing people to resume historically normal romantic and familial relationships?

Before we ponder that too far, a brief interlude to check out some exciting new technology from China's most dynamic innovators:

A Chinese tech inventor who has rolled out a new kissing device that allows monogamous lovers separated by long distance to virtually smooch using silicon lips has internet users divided as many panned the weird contraption as downright creepy.

According to reports, the lips are designed to simulate the pressure, movement, and heat of a lover's lips using sensors — giving users' a real-life smooching experience.

The device is activated through an app on people's mobile devices, according to South China Morning Post.

Yeah, I can't imagine anything more likely to bring about a baby boom than spending more time on your smartphone kissing a deeply creepy silicone mouth:

Good luck with that, China!

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