Harry's Razors just partnered with this trans influencer to sell shaving gear and its CEO referred to moms and dads as "birthing and non-birthing parents" 🤡
· Aug 7, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Harry's Razors is SUPER WOKE.

Check it out:

[Warning: This video shows a woman who has had a double masectomy]

Yes, Harry's created a trans razor set designed specifically for LGBT people.

Oh, and 100% of the proceeds go to the Trevor Project, dubbed the "Groomer Project" by James Lindsay. The Trevor Project is an LGBT groomer site that encourages kids to get cross-sex hormones and surgeries and allows "quick escapes" from their website to hide visits from parents.

Anyways, if you still buy Harry's, this is what you support.

Here's something else Harry's supports: Completely erasing moms and dads.

Hey we need, not just a general parental leave policy but an equal parental leave policy that treats birthing and non-birthing parents equally.

Peak wokeness.

We've known that Harry's razors has been woke for quite some time. They canceled their advertising on The Daily Wire more than two years ago. This led to the creation of Jeremy's Razors from Daily Wire, the first of DW's attempts to push back directly against woke corporations by competing in their market.

Find a non-woke company to give your money to.

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